Summer Rain Aquatic Company
Managing South Florida Lakes since 1993



Providing safe effective lake management services using EPA approved Herbicides to control invasive weeds and algal growths.


All work performed by trained technicians under the supervision of Licensed and Insured Applicators as prescribed by Florida Law. At the end of each visit, the technician will leave an Aquatic Managment Report.


The addition of a variety of Fountains and Aerators provides both aesthetic value as well as contributing significantly to the health of the lake.  Stocking fish help to naturally control weeds.



Summer Rain Aquatic Company provides services for the control of invasive weeds and algal growths.  These treatments will be performed formally one time monthly. Free service calls will be provided in between formal applications based upon need at no additional charge. Targeted invasive weeds will include Floating weeds, Submerged weeds, Emerged weeds and Shoreline grasses. Summer Rain Aquatic Company also agrees to provide herbicide treatment for the control of invasive weeds in the Mitigation areas, and again, Free Service calls will be provided based upon need.  After each visit, an Aquatic Management Report which includes the date of treatment, targeted invasive weeds, and the condition of the laked at the time of treatment. In this manner, the Client will know the timing and efforts of each visit on site.


Summer Rain Aquatic Company

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For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 954-346-2331.

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To apply for a job with Summer Rain Aquatic Company, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

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